Shilajit: The Most Powerful Anti aging....


Shilajit: The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Substance from the Himalayan Mountains

Shilajit is perhaps the most potent rejuvenator and anti-aging substance ever known to mankind. Attributed with many magical properties Shilajit is found predominately in Himalayan regions.

Origin of Shilajit 

Shilajit generally speaking is a concentrated historic plant life essentially from Himalayan region. 
Himalayan region encompassing India, China, Tibet and parts of central Asia was a home to rich plant life right from prehistoric times . The plants absorbed various nutrients and minerals from soil to form rich and green vegetation. The life of trees and plants there extended to many hundred and even thousands of years. After their time the plants returned back to earth along with the minerals. This process continued over a period of many centuries.This remains of plant life in the specific climatic condition and altitude of Himalayas formed the Mineral Pitch known as Shilajit .

Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals in Ionic form and FULVIC ACID 

In Sanskrit the literal meaning of Shilajit is " Rock Like " - the power to make our body like a rock enabling it to withstand the ravages of time . Shilajit has that unmatched powers of arresting and reversing the aging process . 
Indian Yogis on seeing the powers of Shilajit considered Shilajit to have divine powers capable of healing the body of virtually any ailments and above all restore youthfulness. 

Ancient Chinese and Indian literature mention of Shilajit as Amrit or nectar of evergreen life and fountain of youth . 
Indian Yogis widely used Shilajit . It is not uncommon to find many Indian Yogis even aged 100 years in Himalayan regions and above having similar Stamina and Body structure of a Youth.
Mythology of Shilajit 
Shilajit has extensive mention in ancient Hindu literature. King Chandra Varma who is supposed to have ruled much of Northern India had to spent most of his Youth in Governing the vast empire and protecting it from enemies . When there was peace and stability in his kingdom he was past 50 years of age.

He wanted to enjoy the pleasures of life. He unfortunately found that he had lost most of his Youthfulness and could not enjoy the natural pleasures of life despite having enormous material richness and power. 
He then went on penance in the mountains of Himalayas and prayed to Lord Shiva - Prime most among Hindu Gods and considered the Originator of Yoga. Lord Shiva was pleased with his prayer and offered him a substance originating from his body. That restored King Chandra varma's' youthfulness . That substance is Shilajit and is found mostly in Himalayan mountains.

King Chandra Varma who was the first to take Shilajit is considered immortal and still revered even now by local populace in India ,Tibet and Nepal bordering Himalayan Mountains.

Lord Buddha who was originally born into a Royal family is considered as one of the Descendants of King Chandra Varma. 

There is also extensive mention of Shilajit as a powerful aphrodisiac and restorer of Youthfulness in The Kama Sutra - the most widely read treatise on sex. 

Shilajit was first discovered in Modern times by British Explorer Sir Martin Edward Stanley during 1870 when India and Nepal were part of British Empire. 

Most of the monkeys in plains of Northern India age and bald by the time they reach 10 years of age . Sir Edward Stanley on his exploration in higher altitude of Himalayas to his surprise found there was hardly any monkeys with aged look in his months of expedition. He subsequently observed that monkeys there regularly ate something from earth near the rocks. That was a odd behavior as monkeys do not eat anything from earth . He observed that the monkeys ate a blackish mineral pitch oozing near the rocks . The locals there called it "silajitu." 

Only some Indian Yogis there knew how to treat and purify silajitu and it was offered to very select people there. This has mention in his book. 

United States Patents on Shilajit
There are several Patents filed with United States Patents & Intellectual Property Rights Department on Shilajit. Extensive proof has been submitted on the healing, anti aging and restorative properties of shilajit. This has been verified, approved and patents offered by United States. 

The present inventor has also surprisingly found that when a small amount of Shilajit is added to a vitamin or mineral preparation, the energetic properties of the vitamin or mineral preparation are enhanced." 

"Native shilajit is a blackish-brown exudation, of variable consistencies, obtained from steep rocks of different formations found in the Himalayas at altitudes between 1000-5000 m,. Shilajit also is found in other mountain ranges of the world, e.g. Afganisthan (Hindukush, Badakh-Shan), Australia (Northern Pollock Ranges), and in the former USSR (Tien-Shan, Pamir, Caucasus, Ural). Native shilajit is believed to arrest aging and also produce rejuvenation." 

Energy Metabolism & Aging Process 

From the time we are born our internal organs are continuously at work without rest. This causes wear and tear of internal organs and decay of body cells. 

It is widely accepted and proven that for Men the energy levels, stamina, potency and functioning of internal organs peaks at the age of 21 years . From then on a wear and tear sets in internal organs of the body. In the case of men starting from age of 21 there is continuous decrease in Electrical potency of the cells. 

Electrical Potency of the Cell is the single most aspect of Body cell's survival Along with Chronological Age

The electrical potential of the cell continuously decreases leading to weakness and decreased potential of body cells. 
Ultimately when the electrical potential of the Cells become Zero the cell disintegrates and dies. Decrease in Electrical potential of the Cells bring about decrease in Energy Metabolism. Energy metabolism is the internal Biological reaction in our body cells - deep in the Mitochondria and protoplasm of our cells converting mass into energy. Metabolism is generally divided into two functions:

1) Catabolism or Constructive Metabolism where the food we eat- Carbohydrate, Fats, Proteins, Minerals and Vitamins go into building up of new cells and tissues.
2) Anabolism or destructive metabolism which involves breaking down of old and worn out tissues. This process of Anabolism releases energy in every step.

For women youthfulness peaks at the age of 18 years - as women's body generates far greater amount of fluids than that of men . Starting from 18 years onwards there is decrease in hormonal levels , lower secretion of body fluids , rapid slowing of Energy metabolism process , low levels of stamina , high levels of fat build up and greater wear and tear of internal organs.
The stress of Modern day life, pollution, lack of exercise and orientation towards Junk food aggravates the process of aging further. The Body cells loose their Electrical Potency faster leading to decreasing levels of Energy Metabolism. 

Another major reason for many modern day diseases and faster aging process is Chemical forming . Modern day chemical farming depletes the soil and the plants we consume of naturally available Minerals. The animal products we consume too is deficient in minerals as the main source of animal products is Plant life.

Wrinkles on skin, thinning hair, receding hemlines, tendency to put on more weight despite of consuming less food,  decreasing energy & stamina, decrease in level of sexual life, susceptibility to various ailments are the signs that mean that aging process is setting in our body.

Arresting and Reversing the Aging Process 

It is important that our body is Fortified against the ravages of time and aging. The internal organs and glands are to be rejuvenated to reverse the aging process. This can only be done by restoring the Electrical potency of our body cells. 

We are what we eat - Our Body needs Vitamins ,proteins ,carbohydrates and fats which is normally available in the food we intake. 

Body needs Minerals more than anything else if we have to arrest the natural aging process and stay young for a very long time . Minerals act as catalysts for metabolic reactions and biological functions within the body, and are required for the assimilation of all vitamins. 

Dr. Linus Pauling categorically stated: "You can trace every sickness, every ’disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." Dr. Pauling was the only scientist to win Nobel Prize twice unshared. 

Shilajit contains 84 types of minerals in natural ionic form which are very vital for maintaining the Equilibrium of Energy Metabolism in our body. 

The minerals in Shilajit are not similar to the mineral supplements available in market . These minerals are in ionic form and have previously been absorbed by rich plant life and returned back to earth so they are easily and completely absorbed by the body cells.

Merely taking Minerals are not sufficient. They have to ultimately be absorbed by cells. It is estimated that almost 97% of Americans have Mineral deficiency. This is not withstanding the fact that various packaged minerals are consumed in large numbers. This is not of much use as most of the minerals consumed are not being absorbed by the cells but are flushed away. There are two main reasons for this:

1) The minerals that are taken as form of over the counter tablets, tonics etc. are in pure inorganic -metallic form. For example you can get Calcium directly from earth as well as from Eggs. The Calcium in eggs is in Ionic form and is absorbed much better than the raw calcium. Moreover Raw calcium if taken in excess will cause more damage than any benefit. The minerals we find in all the tablets and pills are in raw (rock) form . The Calcium example applies to all the 85 Vital minerals our body cell need. 

2) Even if the minerals are in Ionic form they have to be absorbed by the cells . As the body ages the cell walls become thick and it becomes increasingly difficult for the minerals to be transported into the cells (to Protoplasm).

The conditions of Diabetes may be noted at this juncture . We all know Glucose is the main source of energy for our Cells and Body. In Diabetics the food that is ingested is converted into Glucose but the Glucose does not reach the body cells. It is because there is deficiency or absence of Insulin the hormone which makes the Cells absorb Glucose 
So it is important that sufficient quantity of Minerals are carried to the final Destination - Body cells. 

This where FULVIC ACID a major ingredient of Shilajit plays a vital role. 

Fulvic acid is rapidly on its way to developing into the health of healing miracle of the 21st century. Scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid and are starting to recognize its extraordinary potential. Interest in the medical community has been escalating rapidly in the past few years. 

Fulvic acid are created in the soil in presence of Microorganisms and Humus (decayed plant life) so that minerals can be transported from soil to the plants in faster and easier manner . Fulvic Acid is the Best ever known Electrolyte . 
The power of an electrolyte that has been shown in separate tests on animal cells (giant amoebae), to be able to restore life in what researchers termed "a beautiful demonstration" and "astonishing". When the electrolyte potential was taken away from the cell during the test, the cell ruptured and disintegrated into the surrounding fluid causing death. 

These studies show convincingly the physical well being upon reintroducing electrical potential., The cell reconstructed and became active and healthy. 

It was also shown that the Electrical Potential of the Cell decreased with age in Men and Women 

The Electrical Potential of the Body cell is reduced to zero at death. 

It means that with increase in Chronological Age there is a gradual decay and death of Human cells . The decay and death of cell is rapid in case of Women than compared to men due to inherent Biological composition . This is why we see Women aging and loosing their Youthfulness faster as compared to Men.

SHILAJIT thus acts in following ways:
1) SHILAJIT contains 85 minerals essentially derived from plant life in ionic form . 
2) The FULVIC ACID in Shilajit transports these Minerals to cells thereby maintaining and restoring their Electric Potency 
3) Once Electric Potency of the cells is maintained it prevents the decay and death of cells 
4) Finally the Energy Metabolism Process - Catabolism and Anabolism is maintained to equilibrium condition 

This means that aging process is effectively arrested and reversed.

Shilajit & Weight Control 
With Shilajit there is absolutely no place for excess Flab and Fat in our body. 

SHILAJIT and Withania Somnifera in healing Alzheimer's & Parkinson's
Shilajit & Withania Somnifera combination has been proven to be extremely beneficial in healing Brain degenerative ailments of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases . Withania Somnifera or Aswagandha is known as Indian Ginseng. 

Research by Paul Flechsig Institute Brain Res., Department of Neurochemistry, University of Leipzig, D-04109 Leipzig Germany has shown that combination of Shilajit and Withania Somnifera is very powerful in enhancing Cognition and Memory in ailments of Alzheimer's. 

Shilajit is said to cure almost any ailment - Understandably a younger body and cell can withstand and heal itself of any ailments.
Any amount of words may not do justice to the wonder that is Shilajit. We recommend Shilajit for all from the age of 18. If you a are a Woman, Shilajit will ensure that you stay in your youthful charm for a very long time . Something which rigorous Diet regime, Physical Exercise and any amount of beauty products cannot ensure. If you are Man it will keep your Vigor, Vitality and Energy at optimum levels. Shilajit restores youthful vigor to the entire body.
Fulvic Acids & Shilajit 
Fulvic acids, a natural extract from ancient plant deposit that was created 75 million years ago in the upper cretaceous period, consist of an immense arsenal and array of naturally occurring phytochemicals, biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, super oxide dismutases, nutrients, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals. Fulvic Acids greatly enhance the bioavailability of important trace minerals. Regenerate and prolong the residence time of essential nutrients in the cells. Modify the damage or toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals. Enhance the permeability for digestive, circulatory, and cell membranes. As the most powerful, natural electrolyte known, fulvic acid restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes. To the science of living cells, fulvic acids are vital in bringing substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals into water solution and delivering their living energies to the living cells (do not confuse "fulvic acid" with "folic acid" which is a common B vitamin).

The shilajit is one of the most important remedy in ayurvedic medicine that has the strength to heal all diseases.  The modern research confirms a large number of the properties that gave it traditional medicine characteristics.  In its natural form, this is a bituminous substance  that one finds in the Himalayan Mountains. In Sanskrit, shilajit means «conquering mountains and destructive of weakness».  The active principle of shilajit is fulvic acid.

Already 3 000 years ago
The Old Sanskrit Sacred Texts, more than 3 000 years, do already reference to a mysterious substance, called shilajit, that they describe as destructive of weakness.  The texts list its powerful profits for health and the spirit, as well as the beneficial changes that it brings in the life of those that use it.  This sacred substance was prescribed during thousands of years for many different health problems and became a powerful tool of ayurvédic medicine 

The strength of the shilajit rediscovered by villager in Himalaya 
A villager of the Himalaya had observed that, during the hot months of the summer, the big white monkeys migrated in the mountains.  They saw the monkeys chew a soft substance that oozed between the rocks.  The villagers attributed to this substance the big force, the longevity and the wisdom of the animals.

They then began to consume some themselves and noted dramatic health improvement.  The shilajit seemed to give them more energy, relieve their digestives problems, increase their libido, improve their memory and much better control their diabetes, reduce allergies, improve the quality and the length of their life.  At last, to summarize, it seemed to heal all the diseases.

The Active Principles 
The shilajit is an exudate that oozes from rocks, specially of the Himalayan mountains.  
It is mainly composed from humus, an organic constituent of the grounds, and of other organic components.  The humus is constituted from organic residues having lost their original structures following a quick decomposition in the environment.  The humus contains two interesting components: Fulvic acid and the Humic acid .  The humus extracts of the shilajit possess a similar structure of a screen, perforated by emptiness of variable dimensions.  These holes are filled with organic molecules or mixtures of metals being able to be responsible of its therapeutic effects.  

Researchers suggested that the Shilajit’s physiological properties were due  to components as the dibenzo-a- pyrone associated to triterpènes and phénolic lipids. The Fulivic acids can equally have a physiological role while acting as carrier of molecules for smaller bioactive components .  The composition of the Shilajit is influenced by factors as the types of concerned plants and the geological nature of the rock, the temperature, humidity and the altitude.  

What the research says 
The clinical researches  showed that Shilajit has beneficial effects on human.  It increases the longevity, improves the memory and the cognitive capacities.  It diminishes allergies and respiratory problems, reduces stress it and relieves the digestives disturbance.  It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities , it stimulates the immunity and increases strength and the endurance.  

Several research groups, during these 20 or 30 last years, have, actually, begun taking  seriously the claims of remarkable therapeutic effects of  Shilajit.  More recently, a team of researchers wanted to compare the results of scientific studies related in ayurvédic old texts with those obtained by the modern research.  They found many similitude.  The most important ones of them concerned the capacity of the Shilajit to transport other molecules.  Besides, the Shilajit’s biological effects revealed by the modern research give credit to its anti aging and rejuvenating  properties claimed by ayurvédic medicine .  

Researchers of the Banaras Hindu University collected Shilajit samples in Badakstan, at the Tadjikistan border, in Afghanistan, at 2 800 meters of altitude and prepared aqueous solutions for student to study its pharmacological action on the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, skeletal muscles, gastric secretions and the inflammation on rats. 

These simple aqueous solutions had a biological activity.  Actually the Shilajit’s anti-anti-inflammatory activity was comparable to the one of the betamethason, a glucocorticoïde, given by oral way at the dose of 0,55 mg.  These results suggest that the Shilajit could have a role in the treatment of rheumatisms, as the supposes traditional medicine.  The study equally showed that the Shilajit is an analgesic and a possible anti-ulcer agent, doses going until 1 g per kg not putting no apparent problem.

In 1989, the Banaras group published a paper on the role of the Shilajit in the treatment of allergies.  The researchers then realized that the aqueous non transformed Shilajit solutions had a limited value and to use a combination of the principal constituent  would be the better mean to determine the active principles.  They studied the effects of the Shilajit and the combined effects of its different constituent.  The results were promising.  

Link between Fulvic Acids & Shilajit 

The active principle of shilajit is fulvic acid. Traditionally considered a panacea and a strong kidney tonic, it increases the core energy responsible for your sexual and spiritual power, the same force that is withered by stress and anxiety. “There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of Shilajit.” - Famous Indian Vaid Charak (1st Century A.D. 

Shilajit is the most important natural remedy of Ayurvedic and folk- medicine systems. Its active principle is fulvic acid. Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, comes from the rocks in the lower Himalayas during the warm, summer months. 

Shilajit is used by the indigenous system of medicine in India, Hakims and Vaids and traditional healers, in a great variety of diseases: genitourinary diseases, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, asthma, gall stones, jaundice, painful and bleeding piles, epilepsy, enlarged liver and spleen, fermentative dyspepsia, digestive disorders, worms, renal and bladder calculi, nervous debility, sexual neurasthenia, hysteria, anaemia and in bone fracture. 

Ancient Sanskrit holy texts, over 3,000 years old, make reference to a mysterious substance called shilajit, which they describe as the "destroyer of weakness." The texts list its powerful health and spiritual benefits and the positive changes that shilajit brought in the lives of those who used it. The sacred substance was prescribed for thousands of years for many different health problems and became a powerful tool in Ayurvedic medicine. There is some indication that shilajit may have been the priceless soma of the Eastern alchemists. 

This organic matter is composed of a large variety of minerals. Millions of years ago, before the Himalayas were formed, a lush garden flourished in a vast fertile valley. The vegetation in that primeval garden became trapped and preserved as the movement of the continents caused that valley to become the tallest mountain range in the world. Today, millions of years later the monsoon rains and extreme freeze and thaw conditions work together to crack large rock formations, exposing the precious shilajit. Because of its ancient nature, the vegetation was never exposed to any type of fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, or pollution. The native Nepali people collect and carry this gift of nature down the mountain, where it is alchemically processed into a potent, high-quality extract. 

This ancient wisdom was passed from generation to generation among the Indian and Nepali alchemists and holy men, but it escaped the notice of the Western medical establishment until the last days of the twentieth century, when explorer John Anderson heard of the amazing benefits of this substance and refused to give up the search until he found its source. He journeyed throughout India and Nepal until he learned of the perilous harvesting the raw shilajit from the cliffs. He also documented the reams of Sanskrit studies showing the rare plant's benefits. He spoke firsthand with more than fifty Indian and Nepalese researchers that have been studying the wonderful effects of shilajit and perfecting the processes for delivering the purest, most concentrated shilajit ever know to man. 

Medicinal Properties of Shilajit 
There is a lot of research proving Shilajit can help a broad spectrum of health problems. There are many testimonials from people taking Shilajit that have received improvements beyond their expectations. These testimonials indicate that shilajit has to be taken for at least 2 months to give it time to work. Having tonic properties, this substance is useful in a wide variety of treatments. It has been said that there is hardly any curable disease which cannot be assisted with the aid of Shilajit. General debility and fatigue is among the list of ailments which can be helped with Shilajit. The overall action is alterative, tonic, slightly laxative, cholagogue, respiratory stimulant, disinfectant & expectorant, intestinal antiseptic, diuretic, and lithotriptic. 

The rediscovery of the power of shilajit is said to have been made by Himalayan villagers observing large white monkeys migrate to the mountains in the warm summer months. The monkeys were seen to be chewing a semi-soft substance that flowed from between layers of rock. The villagers attributed the monkey’s great strength, longevity and wisdom to the strange substance. They began to consume it themselves and reported a broad spectrum of improvements in health. It seemed to give them more energy, relieve digestive problems, Increase sex drive, improve memory and cognition, improve diabetes, reduce allergies, improve the quality and quantity of life and it seemed to cure all diseases. 

Pharmacology: The anti-stress and adjuvant effects were evaluated through a battery of tests. Shilajit significantly augmented learning acquisition and memory retrieval in laboratory animals. The action was dedicated by the anti-oxidant defense provided by Shilajit against several reactive oxygen species. 1 Two major organic compounds isolated from Shilajit rats. 2. Processed Shilajit provided complete protection to methacrylate against hydroxyl radical induced polymerization and acted as a reversible nitric oxide-captodative agent. It induced a dose related increase in super oxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase activities in frontal cortex and striatum of rats. These findings are consistent with the therapeutic uses of Shilajit as an Ayurvedic rasayan (rejuvenator) against oxidative stress and geriatric complaints. 3. Aqueous suspension of Shilajit was found to have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity in rats. Shilajit did not produced any mortality in albino mice up to a dose of 1g/kg, i.p4. 

Uses in traditional medicine “There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of Shilajit.” - Famous Indian Vaid Charak (1st Century A.D.) Traditionally considered a panacea and a strong kidney tonic, it increases the core energy responsible for your sexual and spiritual power, the same force that is withered by stress and anxiety. It is used by the indigenous system of medicine in India, Hakims and Vaids and traditional healers, in a great variety of diseases: genitourinary diseases, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, asthma, gall stones, jaundice, painful and bleeding piles, enlarged liver and spleen, fermentative dyspepsia, digestive disorders, worms, renal and bladder calculi, nervous debility, sexual neurasthenia, hysteria, anaemia and in bone fracture.