Shilajit in Prospective

By: Shibnath Ghosal

Shilajit in Perspective Hardcover – May 1, 2006

ISBN-13: 9781842653135  ISBN-10: 184265313X 
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Shilajit in Perspective is a modern multi-disciplinary approach to a well known but highly debated rejuvenator (rasayana) of traditional Hindu ayurvedic medicine. Ghosal and coworkers have relentlessly investigated the chemistry and bioactivities of shilajit since the early seventies. Detailed research shows that shilajit contains two unique compounds viz. DCPs (dibenzo- pyrone chromopproteins) and their key nuclear components DBPs (dibenzo- pyrones). Shilajit is a paleohumus with marine invertebrate fossils being the major contributors. These are important to maintain the health status of man. The importance of DCPs/DBPs in energy synthesis (ATP) has been highlighted along with the claim that it is a potent immunomodulator and antioxidant. A carefully researched book containing a large spectrum of modern scientific methods of isolation, purification and standardization of a strongly potent organo-mineral drug which is a must read for all researchers and scientists in the field of natural products.